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Prince gold plated

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Prince gold plated
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Prince - A generous set for every occasion

A set for all types of beverages and for every occasion, whether it is an everyday family meal or a formal celebration.

The nobility, elegance and beauty of the Prince set turn every table into a luxurious feast.

The set is composed in such a way that you will be forever relieved from any worries, as far as serving your guests with different types of beverages is concerned

Prince for water, wine, juices, cocktails, beer, the versatility of this set makes it eminently useful. With this Prince set every day is an occasion to be celebrated. Pieces of solid and weighty character: a tray, six saucers, six water glasses and/or six wine glasses and additionally, six precious liqueur glasses Prince in gold is a treasure trove for you and your family to be enjoyed for generations to come.

What we suggest serving in each part of the set.

Liqueur glasses:

  • Liqueurs (sweet, bitter, special)
  • Alcoholic drinks (rum, cognac, gin, vodka, rum, tequila…)
  • Brandy (plum brandy, herb-flavoured brandy, juniper brandy, mastika…)

Wine glasses:

  • Wine (white, red, rosé, liqueur wines…)

Water glasses:

  • Water (plain, mineral)
  • Beer (all types)
  • Aperitifs and dessert wines (Vermouth, Bermet, Prosecco, Mistele, Malaga, Marela, Madeira, Port)
  • Juice and other beverages (lemonade, fruit juice, milk drinks...)

Choose the finishing you like best from:

  • Gold plated
  • Décor gold-plated
  • Silver plated with décor gold
  • Silver plated
  • Polished stainless steel